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How to start translating Cyclos?

  • To start translating you will need to register at the site:
  • After you have successfully registered (and confirmed your email address) go to the page again.
  • Subsequently select the language you wish to translate click on the button "join" dispalyed at the top of the page.
  • Now you can send a translation request. We will do our best to process the request as soon as possible. After we have processed the request you can start helping us to translate Cyclos in your language.
  • Cyclos uses for the translation the online translation platform Crowdin. The translation tool works very straightforward. An introduction to Crowdin can be viewed at: (click on 'I am a translator').
  • If your language is missing you can send a request to so that we can add the language to crowdin
  • For any other questions about the translation you can send an email to:

Translation files

There are two types of translation files in Cyclos:

  • Properties files: these are the translation keys, for example menu entries and form labels.
  • Help files: these are html pages that explain the working of a specific part of Cyclos (e.g. admin section, user section, help page in mobile app).

Notes & Tips

  • If more translators for the same language exist we will assign one translator (in collaboration with the translators) a the `translation reviewer`. The reviewer can approve translations done by other translations. The approve action can be either by key or by bulk actions (multiple keys).
  • As well for the help files as translation keys. Please don`t html or other tags such as:

    {1} <a href=".. etc.

  • When translating the (html) help files you can click on the highlight icon (pencil) to highlight the untranslated part of the text. This is very useful to see where you are at the translation.

Translation update procedure

One month before the release of a new mayor (milestone) version we will stop supporting the online translation of the current version (that is published at that time). We will send an mail to all translators inviting them to contribute on the translation of the new (coming) version. Basically only the new or changed keys will need to be translated. The translation software has an option to show only the new and modified keys in order to facilitate the translation.

Note: Of course, if you want to change language keys or help files on previous versions you can also do this directly in your Cyclos instance.