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Mobile printing with Cyclos

The Cyclos mobile app supports receipt printing for both Android as iOS. Currently the IssyzonePOS is supported. It is a small and fast thermal printer that can connect easily to the phone via bluetooth, and can be purchased for around 50 U$.

Here a video with an example of a NFC card to POS payment with automatic printing enabled.

Note: The video shows a 'PIN less' payment. It is possible to require a PIN on receiving POS payments, in this case the client would be required to type his PIN number after the card has been swiped (just as a classic card/POS payment). It is also possible to allow PIN less payments under certain limits, for example under a certain payment amount, or/and under a certain max amount per day, week, month, year. This can be configured in the transaction type used by the POS payment.

The printer can be added easily with the following steps.

  • Login to the mobile app and go to the settings page (cogh well top left) and select "Print settings". When no printer is enabled a field will be shown with the text ‘No printer defined’. Clicking on the downward arrow at the right of the text will ask you to enable bluetooth (in case it is not enabled on your phone) and show a list of Bluetooth devices.
  • When the printer is switched on (blinking blue power light indicates it is) the printer will show up in the list as ‘BlueToothPrinter’.
  • You can select the printer and click on the confirm button. Various print options appear (see image below). They should be self explanatory.
  • When a printer is defined, the payment details page will show a print button. So if you do not activate automatic print on made or received payments you can always print manually from the payment details page.
  • You only have to configure the printer once. When the mobile app starts op and the printer is switched on the printing works automatically.