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Here the company logo can be uploaded. There are four logos that can be uploaded:

  • System logo (the logo that is shown in the header of the page);
  • Browser shortcut icon (the logo that is shown by browsers next to the page title and as bookmark icon);
  • Reports logo (the logo that is put on the reports that are printed);
  • Mobile logo (the logo that is used in the mobile site);

Business rules

Logos are attached to a configuration, if an admin can manage multiple configurations, it has to choice the configuration before the logo page is displayed.

The logos work hierarchical with the configurations. If a logo is set in a higher (parent) configuration the lower (child) configurations will use this logo too. It is however possible to change the logo in a lower (child) configuration, then the customized logo will be shown to groups using this configuration.



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Fields Type Rules
Logo Logo Displays the uploaded logo.
Type Text (read only) There are four types of logos in total:
  • System logo;
  • Browser shortcut icon;
  • Reports logo.
  • Mobile logo
Upload new Icon Opens a popup to upload a new logo to this configuration, replacing the old logo.